Summary-or-Leave it to us

If you want your own web site but you are not interested in the technical side then you can just leave it to us! Go straight to the Contact page and after apropriate consultation we can take from there. If however you are interested in the process and some of the key features then read on and after a consultation session, you can do as much or as little as you wish to expedite your own personalised site.


Domain Name

The first aspect of your new web site is to give it a name and although it may seem obvious, you should be very clear that no-one else is using the same or similar name. Think first of what you might type in to a search engine. If you find that you turn up many sites with a similar name then it is best to avoid the name you first thought of and start again! You can discuss your requirements with us but some preliminary work will save time. Have you a domain name (the bit after www.) in mind? Check that it is available in the form you want.(, .com, .eu, etc.) Some are cheaper than others! If you enter your preferred domain in the box to the right, then press "go" you will be taken to the 123-reg site to check what is available and the comparative prices.

If you are in a very competitive business it might be worth taking the more popular versions of your domain name in both singular and plural forms, but this is your decision.

Once you have chosen your domain name then comes the business of where to put the information that is going to be on your web site.


Web Hosting

Here we recommend web fusion and 123-reg in that they have packages to suit the starting-up site and also large high traffic sites. Once this aspect of your site is sorted we can get on with discussing your requirements and designing an appropriate site.



Here the pages are put together using up-to-date accessible coding. Rather than you having to fit into a pre-built template we are happy to attempt to achieve what YOU want. You should notice (if you have a flash plug -in) that on this site the headings are in a particular font which may not be on your computer. Not usually possible with Websites other than by using large image files. This is just one of the up-to-date facilities that we can incorporate into you site. Photo Galleries and instantly viewable 'Flash Paper' documents are amongst the other possible methods of presentation. (also Java, Javascipts etc)

Included with the hosting package regular updates showing site statistics provided by 123-reg.


SEO-search engine optimisation


When we have decided what key words or phrases you expect people to enter in to search engines we can add these to the top of your site (meta tags) to encourage search engines to find it. Also we submit your site direct to the search engines over a period of time to encourage them to post your site at the top of their list. This is somewhat of an art rather than a science but includes spending some time trying to get inward links to your site and ensuring that all page titles are displayed and include relevant information



Modern web sites should where possible conform to WAI standards of accessibility. These concern allowing appropriate access to net users who are visually impaired and also the increasing variety of devices that are able to search the web, e.g. PDAs phones etc. We will provide style sheets where necessary to give access to whatever media type you require.


Templates and Contribute


If you wish we can easily set up a series of pages for your site which with a little instruction you can maintain yourself with an excellent piece of software called Contribute. You would be given an access key to the site that limits you to sections of the pages into which you can enter your new data. With careful design this gives you total freedom to include what you like on the basic pages that we design for you. It is a good idea to let the site run for a while before deciding what areas you want access to.



We are happy to undertake photography for you - both indoor and out - and can incorporate galleries of photographs in your site. You will find some examples on the sites on our portfolio page. Easy navigation is important with a number of images in a gallery and we favour JAlbum which has a wide range of formats and styles. Auto changing image presentations are also available. A short demo gallery is available here, note the image size changes to fit the size of the viewing window.



We are happy to introduce you to e-commerce via our web hosts e-commerce packages. They come in various levels of sophistication and cost but all with secure 128bit encription (https) a must when it comes to payments.